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Karine Khodikyan


Karine Khodikyan is an acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, fiction writer and journalist. She was the editor of the fiction and poetry division at Garun magazine for more than 12 years, and has been the editor-in-chief of Grankat Tert since 2011. She was the Vice Minister of Culture and is currently a TV host of Between You and Me show at Public Television. Khodikyan’s plays were staged in Armenia, USA, Russia and Ukraine. She has published two books of plays and a book of short stories and is working on her irony detective novel. She is a laureate of a number of prizes and awards, such as Stories Without Borders International Drama Competition (Germany) 1st prize, Armenian Writers Union Prize, The Best Writer of 2013, 2014, UN Population Fund Forum Theatre Award for Short Plays, 1st prize, International Drama Festival Manila, Philippines 2006, Armono International Drama Festival, best play award 2004, 2005, Fridtjof Nansen Medal for the development of the national drama and others.


Big Trilogy(«Մեծեռագրություն»), short stories, Armav, volume 2, 2017

Big Trilogy («Մեծեռագրություն»), plays, VMV print, volume 2, 2014

Big Trilogy (“Մեծեռագրություն”)plays, VMV print, volume 1, 2013

My classics («Իմդասականները»), plays, self-published, 2011

I Am Returning, Forget («Վերադառնումեմ, մոռացեք»), audiobook, self-published, 2011

Plays, English edition, Van Arian, Yerevan, 2008թ

Time to Play, («Խաղիժամանակը»), Union of Writers of Armenia, Yerevan, 2004

Two Plays, («Երկուպիես»), Van Arian, 2003

The Street of the Dead Love («Մեռյալսիրոփողոցը»), short stories and a play, Apollo, Yerevan, 2001

Plays («Պիեսներ»), Apollon, Yerevan, 1997


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